U.S. Space Force Flag

Atlas is proud to offer The Official U.S. Space Force Flag. Made in USA.
  • Manufactured in Tucker, GA
  • Printed Polyester Flags
  • Single Reverse print design
  • Very attractive and very durable
  • Finished with a strong header and brass grommets

In July 2018, the Air Force cyber mission transferred to Air Combat Command, which generated the greatest capacity for an integrated information Warfare capability within the Air Force. This move allowed AFSPC to focus on gaining and maintaining space superiority and outpacing our adversaries in the space domain.

With the enactment of the FY20 NDAA, AFSPC was re-designated the U.S. Space Force on December, 20th, 2019, granting Title 10 authorization to the U.S. Space Force, established under the Department of the Air Force.